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The easiest way to get a training and demo environment for Microsoft Project Server

No special hardware or complicated virtualization software required

What is it?

BeMo Project Server Training Pack provides a hands-on capability to learn or train users on Microsoft Project Server. Training Pack is great to demonstrate the capabilities of Project, is based on the fictional Contoso Company and delivers a similar experience as documented in numerous publications on Project Server. As an added bonus, this edition works hand-in-hand with Microsoft Project Server for Enterprise Project Management book written by Training Expert, James Bulmer, MCP, MCTS, MCITP, and MCT. Training Pack is fully automated for a fast provisioning and comes with a comprehensive user guide.

Getting and using Training Pack

Deployed as an option with BeMo Project Online, Training Pack does not require any special hardware or any virtualization software. All you need is a supported browser and an internet connection. Alternatively, you can use it along with Project Professional, Project Pro for Office 365 or Project Online Premium.

Training Pack comes with:

  • 120+ enterprise resource pool
  • 20+ projects and proposals with customized project sites
  • A program sample of four project schedules
  • 75-pages of comprehensive documentation

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Fact sheet for Training Pack

Features and pricing for Training Pack 

Professional Trainers this is for you

With BeMo Training Pack you can take your Microsoft Project Server training to the next level by delivering fun and engaging hands-on experiences for all your students while giving them the means to put their learning in practice right away with a pre-populated Project Server environment.

Deliver a real hands-on training that students will remember. Call BeMo now!

For over 6 years, BeMo has been fulfilling thousands of Training Pack orders for small and large professional training organizations all over the world. Please contact us to learn more about what BeMo can do for you to make you more successful and to inquire about our volume discount. 


Find out more:

Trainer fact sheet for Training Pack

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